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Personalise with your Logo

If you're looking to have your company logo on your garments you're in the right place..
  • Before we can put your logo onto a garment, we need to get it digitised.
  • All you need to do is supply us with a picture of your logo, you can do this by emailing it to us or bring it into the shop on a memory stick etc.
  • If you'd like your logo printed we will send this picture to our printer who will make the print for us
  • If you'd like your logo embroidered we will send this picture to our digitiser who will put your logo into a format that will work with our embroidery machine. Once we have this file we will do a 'run off' of your logo onto some scrap material
  • Once we have the mock up of your logo we will check it with you to make sure you're happy with it, or whether you would like any ammendments making
  • If you cannot visit the shop to see the logo in person, we can take a photograph and email it to you
  • At this stage, any ammendments made would not incur a further cost, however once you have approved your logo, any changes made from then on would incur a £10.00 adjustment fee 
  • General colour changes do not usually incur an adjustment fee, however
  • Once you've approved your logo it is available to use on any garment, as many times as you like
  • A printing set up costs £20.00, whereas an embroidery set up costs £45.00
  • These set up costs cover one set up of one logo in one size, therefore if you require your logo in two different sizes, for example, it would incur a second set up charge
  • Own garments require a signed disclaimer form before embroidery or print and is done so at customers own risk

Some designs we may be able to create ourselves, without the need to send the artwork off, it just depends on how specific you'd like your artwork. The general rule is if your logo is just text, and you do not require it in a specific font or arrangement, it won't need setting up. If you're unsure about your Logo Set Up's, or whether you need to have your logo set up at all please feel free to call us and check

Please email your logo to production@uniformality.co.uk for a quote!


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